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Our colon plays a vital role in maintaining our health, yet it is often overlooked and under nourished. Many health professionals now believe that 80% of all diseases begin with a toxic colon. Our bodies are constantly detoxifying and attempting to eliminate waste material. The function of the colon is to rid our system of this material containing unusable food products and environmental contaminants, along with dead cells and other metabolic waste. This toxic mixture may accumulate in the colon and inhibit normal function over time. If the body is unable to rid itself of this waste, free radical production increases and all systems of the body may be harmed.*

Colovada cleanse is designed to simply and effectively detoxify the body and colon, riding it of harmful debris. Tens of thousands of people have used this unique program over the past 15 years to cleanse and detoxify the body, bringing relief to an overworked colon and restoring health to the entire body. Upon elimination of excess waste, the colon can begin to restore itself to proper functioning. This leads to enhanced digestion, improved absorption of nutrients, regular elimination and increased energy. Many doctors recommend a Colo-Vada cleanse once or twice a year for optimum health.*

Colovada is a complete 14 day body cleansing experience. It works in three phases, which are in harmony with normal body function so there is little interference with daily activity. Each day you are given conveniently packaged supplements and instructions to achieve the best possible cleanse.

    How is it used?
      The Colo-Vada is conveniently pre packaged for easy and hassle-free cleansing.
  • Phase 1 packets are used for the first 7 days.
  • Phase 2 packets and the enclosed powder drinks are used for 4 days.
  • Phase 3 packets are taken for 3 days to restore proper digestion.